Product Designer, who values research, iteration and teamwork.

The trajectory of my career was less common. When I was a little boy I wasn’t the type of child who liked to draw or read comics.

I did not attend any form of specialized education in the field of art. I am a self-taught individual who has managed progress and develop a career on his own with a lot of work and sacrifices. Being born in the country in a village in Botosani county, if we were to judge the future I had compared to the environment in which I lived, I wouldn't have gone too far. The vast majority of people living there deal with animal husbandry or agriculture.

Being ambitious I wished with all my heart to overcome my situation, to become a better man, an educated man. My life changed radically only after I entered the high school, where I saw a different life. Basically I got in touch with civilization.During the high school I have discovered Photoshop. From there, my journey into the creative field began, without me knowing it.

Fast forward a few years where I experienced pain, frustration, shortcomings and the intention to give up several times I can finally say that I do what I like and I am very passionate about my work.

Currently I work for ASSIST Software as a Product Designer, working for clients world wide and helping the Marketing Team with marketing collaterals. 


Creating meaningful products that serve a well defined purpose in people's lives, not only being aesthetically beautiful.

This is my mantra. Being a strong believer of things made with a purpose, kept me away from falling in the trap of doing things just to be pretty.


Having a career and life that includes constant learning and improvement.

Being self-taught in every aspect of my career I don’t see any other strategy that this to grow and improve your life every day.


My design process is an iterative and non-linear process which consists of six phases.


Define clear goals

Get all the information I can including Target Market, Context of where and when this will be used and business goals.



Based on what is learned in the goals stage, research on these topics is my next step. Whether that be having to find information on our users, working with other parts of the team, and researching online.



Usually rough sketching around recognizable patterns and flows around the target market and/or the experience we are looking to achieve.



Using wireframes as a guide but not the end all be all, I start to iterate a lot — really like to just get my hands dirty and design something and make a copy and keep iterating.


Testing & launching

Launching products into the world and seeing how they are used instead of arbitrary data. Usually leads to just small improvements that can be made but can sometimes help uncover a lot that you weren't aware of.



Using feedback and data from launching and testing to help drive intentional iteration when needed. Depending on the handoff process of course but usually iterative in my experience working with products.

Education & Training

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